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Peels and Facials

Sanitas selects the most effective active ingredients for each skin type and/or challenge.
We very carefully determine the clinical dosage in every Sanitas product to trigger rapid results
while ensuring long term maximum performance. We also ensure our dosages support the
natural functions of the skin while taking care to not overburden it. Biogenic is naturally
produced by your body and found in your skin. Bioactive are easily recognized and
used by the skin. Bioessential are nutrients that are not produced by the body
but are essential for proper biological functions. Biometrics mimic
behaviors of nutrients naturally found in your body.

Here is Why You Do a Peel Series:
You are more apt to reach your skin goals.
You can’t get in shape by going to the gym one time,
and it is the same with your skin.
It’s ongoing with the series and home care.
They work hand-in-hand for optimal results.

Name Price Each
Alpha-Peel/Glycolic (read more) - Series of 4 for 3 $100
Beta 17% Peel (read more) - Series of 4 for 3 $100
Jessner's Peel Systems (read more) $175
UltraSound Facial (read more) - Series of 4 for $375 ($500 value) $125
DermaFile & Microdermabrasion (read more) $100
Lactic Acid Peel Mask (read more) $95
Papaya Pineapple Mask Facial Level I (read more) $95
Cranberry Mask Facial Level II (read more) $95
Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Level III (read more) $95
Sensitive / Rosacea / Couperose Treatment Facial (read more) $100
Acne / Oily / Problematic Facial Treatment (read more) $100
Retinol-Vitamin A Treatment Facial (read more) $100
Detoxifying Polish Facial (read more) $100
Vitamin C Brightening and Hydration Treatment Facial $95
Men's Facial (read more) $95
Mosaic Regimen Series of 4 for 3 (read more)
Wax full face $46
Wax full legs $73
Wax half leg $43
Dermaplaning (read more) $65

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