For Paul Mitchell, producing the highest quality professional hair care available is simply not enough. Paul Mitchell delivers the most exceptional quality and durability of any hair care available on the market. Together with our other products, we deliver only the best hair care using brands such as Paul Mitchell, which are well known for their usage in professional hair styling.



Your skin has the amazing ability to repair and regenerate itself, especially when you treat it with the right balance of stimulation and nourishment. This simple truth is the foundation of the Sanitas line. Each Sanitas formula contains active, biogenic ingredients at clinical doses with the most minimal use of fillers. We pair biogenic topical nutrients with skin mimicking delivery agents that get the ingredients into the skin where they can be rapidly utilized. The result: instant and long term improvement to skin health.

SADOC KERATIN BOOSTER is an exclusive line formulated by strengthening the cuticle layers to repair, re-structure, and smoothen the hair. Sadoc Keratin Booster Treatment is a temporary but progressive process that will leave your hair feeling like never before. Frizz as well as the unwanted uneven curls go away!

Calura by Oligo Professionnel

PPD & Ammonia free Hair Colour

The CALURA system is formulated with an innovative exothermic technology that was designed to maximize dye penetration and minimize hair damage. Each shade was formulated to generate a specific increase in temperature to achieve desired results. As a bonus, this heat allows a thorough penetration of the certified organic essences and keratin. The result is an incomparable radiant shine with 100% gray coverage!

Together with a UV Lamp, they comprise the breakthrough in resilient color for nails that remains flawless for two weeks and removes in 10 minutes. Get the look you've been searching for with these fantastic nails.

MOROCCANOIL has created a revolutionary styling, finishing and conditioning product line for hair that will guarantee an enhanced result. Hair looks and feels healthier after just one application. They include a signature argan oil in all our products.